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2021-12-31 00:09:42 By : Ms. Canna Yang

Exceeding a vehicle’s maximum permissible weight carries huge risk not only in terms of fines and penalties, but also in terms of the danger it poses to human life and the damage it causes to vehicles and roads.

Given that there are many ways of avoiding overloading, there’s no excuse for breaking the law and putting lives and assets at risk. From something as simple as knowing your vehicle’s plated weight limits to installing truck scales, there’s a myriad different ways of ensuring compliance and creating a safer driving environment for all involved.

Vehicle overloading is also false economy and anyone who is tempted to save money by exceeding payloads to save on fuel or reduce transport costs is deluding themselves. They will pay a high price eventually. Moreover, any investment made in vehicle weighing technology is marginal compared to the potential risks and costs of overloading and the equipment soon pays for itself in terms of all the benefits it offers.

For example, truck scales are reasonably priced, easy-to-install and very easy to use and whilst they obviously eliminate the possibility of overloading through accurate and reliable weight measurements, they also enable reductions in fuel consumption, less wear and tear on vehicles, lower maintenance costs, improved safety, increased revenues and increased operational savings. In addition to installing truck scales, here are some more easy ways to avoid overloading your truck:

Ensuring your truck is within legal weight limits isn’t just a question of compliance – it also makes sound business sense.  Truck scales and weighbridges can help businesses reduce their operating costs and improve their profit margins and it should be impossible to turn your back on these benefits.

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